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LaserStrike is available for Private Events Monday through Thursday, or after hours.




Grab your phasers and join the action in our new 3800 sq. ft. LaserStrike Game Arena.  Work your way through the misting fog while dodging the enemy's laser pulses as you venture toward your opponent's base.  This non-stop adrenaline rush will thrill everyone who enters the arena, whether you play in an everyone for themselves free-for-all or go on a team adventure, the excitement never ends.





The new arena was designed to enhance individuals gaming experience to ensure an ultimate encounter.  Just look at the arena layout!




With two distinct sides featuring computerized energizers and high-tech bases that display player names and real time scores, the team adventure amplifies the excitement.  Or battle your opponents in a free-for-all, there are no sides, no bases, the point values are multiplied and it's just you against your opponents to see who can amass the most points and be free-for-all champion!



With the different C.H.I.P.S. and various game formats, you will never have the same gaming experience twice.  There are always new areas to discover and different opponents to engage, allowing for an out of this world experience every time.


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